Attention: We're temporarily closed down while we look for new sustainable and quality clothing for our designs. Sorry for the inconvenience guys!

About Tag 269 Clothing Co.

Vegan, Activist, Cancer Survivor, Veteran, Environmentalist, Father of Two...

I come to you out of Houston, Texas where Tag 269 Clothing Co. was born. Founded in 2017 we are a relatively new company supporting Farm Animal Sanctuaries through the launch of fresh new vegan apparel and accessories. While my profession is in Environmental Law, I wanted to start a company with the end goal of making a positive difference in a sanctuary in need every year.

Each November we will decide on a new beneficiary and donate a portion of every sale to that sanctuary throughout the year. We hope through each year's campaign we can make a positive financial impact on that sanctuary while also bringing awareness to their needs. 

All of our apparel is cruelty-free, 100% vegan and printed with water-based inks. Because a big part of our business is making the world better, not worse, we are committed to practices that respect the planet and know we can keep improving. Throughout 2018 we will be researching organic ink and organic and recycled apparel options for all of our customers. If you have an idea, please email us!

We have some exciting new additions and products in the works, so keep checking back in with us. We are all extremely excited about the launch of Tag 269 Clothing and want to hear your feedback. Please reach out to us with any questions, suggestions, custom pieces, possible collaborations and/or inquiries you may have. 

I appreciate all of your support, comments and loving guidance as we launch our first year of Tag 269 Clothing Co. Let's make a difference together.

Peace, Love, and Avocados 

~ Jeremy

What is Tag 269?

In 2012 anonymous activists rescued a calf days before his planned slaughter out of Tel Aviv. He is described as sweet-tempered and white-headed, and his ear carried a tag numbered 269, indicating he was destined for slaughter.

The significance of the event led to the creation of "269 life", an animal liberation movement founded in October 2012 and many other animal rights organizations and companies like Tag 269 Clothing.